How To Keep Your House In Valenzuela City Unattractive To Burglars

If you want to learn a lot from a person, take a look at his home. This is very true to the Filipino community where having a home is indeed a big deal. A Filipino home is an asylum of every Filipino family’s most prized possessions and a reflection of who they are. As a matter of fact, most Filipinos don’t marry unless they can secure a good shelter for their future family. Their home will play a big role in growing a family and it is a must to ensure its safety, especially in urban areas like Valenzuela City.

In the Philippines, no matter where and what type of house you live in, burglary is a prevalent crime. If worse comes to worst, burglary can even lead to rape and murder. It is frustrating to the extent that these crimes exist even in subdivisions located in Valenzuela City where security guards are hired by homeowners. Not to mention, most of these units even have security devices installed in their doorsteps to shoo the burglars away. With all these preventive measures, it is saddening that burglary rates are still soaring high. The best solution for this is to avoid being an easy target for these ill-minded criminals.

Start off by keeping your assets to yourself. Keep your wide-screen TVs and gold-plated accessories far from the public’s eyesight. To test, make sure that any bystander cannot immediately see them from your window. Showing them off can summon burglars into your doorsteps. At times, even though, these valuable items are far from sight, burglars still know what’s behind your walls. Be wary in disposing boxes outside your house in Valenzuela City as these can give them hints as to what they can rummage inside. Keep your vicinity well lighted too! This is very important during nighttime when most of these criminals become active. Good lighting can help spot suspicious activities in the dark. On the other hand, poor lighting or no light at all usually means that the house is unattended. Make sure to leave a light on while on vacation to outsmart lurking burglars. Do not leave spare keys in your so called “hidden spots” because these hidden spots may already be known to burglars. Lastly, filter your social media posts. There’s no need to flaunt your newly bought iPhone or MacBook in Facebook. Remember, burglars have Facebook too!

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