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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carmela ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor Area: 65 Sqm / Lot Area: 88 Sqm
Drina ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor Area: 83 Sqm / Lot Area: 99 Sqm
Carina ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor Area: 72 Sqm / Lot Area: 94 Sqm
Mara ₱ Sold Out !! Inquire for Re-opens Floor Area: 53 Sqm / Lot Area: 88 Sqm


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With its strategic location, modern features & amenities, top security and competitive prices, you are now convinced that, indeed, Camella Alora is the best place to get your dream home. It’s not always obvious to find a property that has all these things. Now that you have that rare chance don’t joke with it or delay until you find that everything is gone. The right time to act is right now because everyone else out there is busy looking for an opportunity to move into a modern home and live the life of their dreams. While it can at times be hard to find our dream homes, we sometimes also let rare opportunities pass us. Do something now and give your family the best living environment.

Camella Alora is a perfect place for both individuals and families looking for not only a serene living environment but also proximity to essentials of life. Indeed, this is an opportunity for you to realize your dream and live in a place that helps you refresh and work towards achieving your life goals. You, of course, know that the place you live affects many things including your job and lifestyle. Living in Camella Alora gives you an opportunity to enjoy the life and lifestyle of your dreams. As you already know, becoming a homeowner in this awesome place is simple and flexible. Engage an agent today and kick off the process of owning a home in Camella Alora.  


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